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Changelog for v1-18-eks-2

This changelog highlights the changes for v1-18-eks-2).


Patches Added

The following patches were not in EKS-D v1.18.1 but were added in the version.

  • 0017-EKS-PATCH-Accept-healthy-instances-in-list-of-active.patch
  • This patch applies the changes (PR #85920) that upstream Kubernetes cherry-picked (PR #97164) for 1.18. The changes are part of Kubernetes 1.19, so this patch will only apply to 1.18.
  • The changes in this patch fix a bug related to AWS Network Load Balancer (NLB) and cordoned nodes. Previously, cordoned nodes were erroneously not deregistered from an NLB's target group, despite being perceived as already out of the target group. Now, with this patch, Cordoned nodes are deregistered from target groups as expected.
  • 0018-EKS-PATCH-Delete-leaked-volume-if-driver-doesn-t-kno.patch
  • This patch applies the changes from upstream Kubernetes PR #99664, which is open as of the time of EKS-D v1.18.2 release, and is raised in issue #754 in aws-ebs-csi-driver.
  • The changes in this patch fix a bug where a volume could be created during the create process, but the driver does not know the status of this volume. The changes in this patch now delete the leaked volume.