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Changelog for v1-18-eks-4

This changelog highlights the changes for v1-18-eks-4.

Version Upgrades


Upgraded Kubernetes from v1.18.9 to v1.18.16.

Base Image

Upgraded base image (Amazon Linux 2) version to include the latest security fixes.


Removed Patch

  • 0017-EKS-PATCH-Accept-healthy-instances-in-list-of-active.patch
  • Removed because these changes were cherry-picked by upstream Kubernetes and included in the version of Kubernetes used by this release of EKS-D.
  • See upstream Kubernetes PR #97164 for additional information.

Additional Changes to Patches

Below are additional changes to the patches in this minor release of EKS-D. These changes are functionally immaterial and do not impact the use or application of the patches.

  • The two patches that came after the removed patch were renamed to keep constancy for the numbering in the patch filenames. The numbers in their filenames were decremented by one.
    • 0018-EKS-PATCH-Delete-leaked-volume-<...>-kno.patch --> 0017-EKS-PATCH-Delete-leaked-volume-<...>-kno.patch
    • 0019-2021-25735_1_18.patch --> 0018-2021-25735_1_18.patch
  • Minor modifications to the patches themselves to match code changes in the upgraded Kubernetes version.