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Changelog for v1-19-eks-2

This changelog highlights the changes for v1-19-eks-2).


Patches Added

The following patches were not in EKS-D v1.19-1 but were added in the version.

  • 0013-EKS-PATCH-aws_credentials-update-ecr-url-validation-.patch
  • Adds support for ECR endpoints in isolated AWS regions. There is an open PR (#95415) for upstream Kubernetes that applies these changes.
  • This patch was part of 1.18 but was left out of 1.19-1

  • 0014-EKS-PATCH-Delete-leaked-volume-if-driver-doesn-t-kno.patch

  • This patch applies the changes from upstream Kubernetes PR #99664, which is open as of the time of EKS-D v1.19-2 release, and is raised in issue #754 in aws-ebs-csi-driver.
  • The changes in this patch fix a bug where a volume could be created during the create process, but the driver does not know the status of this volume. The changes in this patch now delete the leaked driver.
  • This patch was added in 1.18-2 but was left out of 1.19-1, as it did not exist at the time of 1.19-1 release.