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Changelog for v1-20-eks-2

This changelog highlights the changes for v1-20-eks-2.

Version Upgrades


Upgraded Kubernetes to v1.20.7

Base Image

Upgraded base image (Amazon Linux 2) version to include the latest security fixes.


Patches Removed

The following patches were in EKS-D v1.20-1 but were removed in the version.

  • 0006-EKS-PATCH-additional-subnet-configuration-for-AWS-EL.patch
  • 0011-2020-25735_1_20.patch

Patches Added

  • 0010-EKS-PATCH-chunk-target-operation-for-aws-targ.patch
    • Fixes bug related to AWS TargetGroup
    • Kubernetes/Kubernetes PR #101592, which should be included in Kubernetes 1.22. This change was cherry picked for upstream Kubernetes 1.20

Patch Name and Order Changes

For patches that were carried over from the previous release, there were some minor changes in the patch order (and thus the start of each impacted patch's filename). These differences are functionally immaterial and do not impact the use or application of the patches.