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In order to build an EKS Distro yourself, you will need to make sure several things are installed and configured. Before you begin, make sure you have satisfied the build prerequisites.

Build EKS Distro Base

The first step of the build is to build the base container class. The base container can be found in the EKS Distro Build Tooling repository. The eks-distro-base directory in the repository contains a make file. If you are going to use Elastic Container Repository (ECR), create it:

make ecr

The container is built with:

make docker

If you want to push to a private repository:

make docker-push

Build Remaining Containers

The second step of the build is to build the rest of the containers out of the EKS Distro Repository. The project root directory contains a Makefile, which assumes you are using ECR and have created ECR repositories. Run the script with:

make release